Bring Out Your Home’s Beauty with these Simple Design Tips – Guest Post by Ash Genete

We commonly express our relief and pleasure of coming home after a long day at work or a weekend getaway by saying “home sweet home!” because nothing beats the feeling of being at home, as well as resting in our own bed. Considering how hectic and stressful the world we live in today is, our home should be the place where we can recharge to keep us happy and motivated. At the end of the day, we all long to be at home because it is our comfort zone, it is where we can be ourselves, and enjoy our personal space. Our homes are also considered the extension of who we are and what we do. By adjusting tiny little habits, routines, and things at home, happiness can be achieved, which consequently, can improve our moods, productivity, and overall outlook on life. Below are inexpensive, simple design tips to transform your home into an elegant and relaxing sanctuary:

1. Nurture Nature

Several indoor houseplants on a wood shelf
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Indoor plants make your living space more breathable, comfortable, and luxurious. It is no secret that plants produce oxygen and give a Zen feeling in homes. But, that’s not all. Plants can also purify the air, reduce stress by bringing energy into your home, and repel insects. Growing herbs and vegetables for your kitchen could also help you eat healthily and save money!

Plants can also unleash your creativity in designing pots and deciding which part of your home it should be placed. Regardless of the plant’s size, along with a little bit of botanical maintenance, its benefits are endless.

2. Welcome Fresh Air and Natural Light

Coastal window bench with a blue cushion in a whitewashed wood wall
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Having big glass windows not only enable you to save electricity, but also let air circulate. Actually, most designer homes have big glass windows to make the space look brighter and bigger.

Having window treatments can also add elegance to your home, so opt for those that provide privacy while allowing light into your space. Chairs, couches, and beds are commonly positioned near the windows because of the natural light, fresh air, and the view that can give positive vibes.

3. Declutter and Organize

Modern white built-in bookshelves surrounding a TV


Decluttering and organizing your stuff are the most simple and affordable ways to make your home look elegant because it is totally free! All you need to do is make time and effort to arrange things. Regular dusting and cleaning can make your home feel high-end, as well as allow you to take care of your things, furniture, and the home itself.

Make use of your drawers and cabinets too. It is advisable to have organizers inside those as well so you can save more space and place more things.

Clean surroundings can help you destress and feel good about your home, as it also allows other elements to stand out.

4. Display and Accessorize

Photo gallery wall with picture frames and other items
Photo gallery wall

Accessories and displays tell the owners’ lives, passion, and interests. Personalize and make your home a gallery of positive vibes and memories by displaying sentimental items to remind you of good memories and unforgettable experiences.

Pictures and books are inexpensive accessories that can do wonders, so pull out the books and pictures you’ve been keeping and display them.

With these simple tips, you can make your home look presentable, relaxing, and beautiful—without breaking the bank.

Photo of guest author, Ash Genete
Guest Author: Ash Genete
Ash Genete is a consultant for Revolution Precrafted. Aside from real estate, architecture and interior design, his interests include media, marketing and pop culture. He’s a Pokemon fan. If he’s not writing blog posts and doing academic researches, he’s probably at the beach or on a mountaintop.