6 Ideas to Upgrade Your Home to Make It More Welcoming


6 Ideas to Upgrade Your Home to Make It More Welcoming

Guest Post by John Stuart

If you want to improve your house and make it feel cozier and more welcoming, we have gathered the best tips and tricks from interior designers and passionate DIYers. You might be living in your own house or renting a property. Either way, you will find a few useful ideas in this list to spark your creativity. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to upgrade your house to make it feel like a home.

1. Freshen Up Your Rooms with a New Coat of Paint

Painting your walls is the easiest DIY you can try. It’s hard to mess up and the results are almost instantaneous. If you feel dissatisfied with how your walls look like at the moment, then it’s high time you refreshed them with a new coat of paint. You can stick to the same color if you’re not feeling too adventurous or if you are renting the property.

Paint brush with white paint on it against a wall

Paint brush

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For bolder DIYers out there, we recommend experimenting with various nuances and painting an entire wall in a vivid color like turquoise, deep green or bright orange. Keeping the rest of the walls neutral (but not necessarily white) will result in a unique atmosphere and a refreshed room with a contemporary touch.


2. Add Interior Shutters for Privacy and Shade

Interior shutters are often underestimated. They add a certain elegance to any room and they are both decorative and practical. If you’re not a big fan of curtains and you definitely don’t want to install blinds, you should consider adding interior shutters to any room you want to beautify.


Swinging wood shutters blend in with most décor styles but are especially a great addition for shabby chic, vintage, rustic, and romantic spaces. They add gorgeous details to bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms without costing an arm and a leg. Interior shutters will not only spruce up your house, they will also keep out heat and chilly winds. Shutters are simple to install on any type of window since they are attached to a slim frame that can hug the outside of the casing or sit inside the window opening.


3. Build a Room Garden to Host and Entertain Guests

This can be a DIY idea that unfolds over a couple of months or a professional project if you decide to hire help. Either way you go, adding a room garden for your guests will pay off in the long run. Creating a new space on your property adds more value to your home and offers you the possibility to throw parties, have fun with game nights and host family get-togethers.

White garden shed with trees all around it

Room Garden

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A room garden can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. Start your project by figuring out the location and size of your new room. Take into account the room’s purpose and work with available natural light in order to create a bright, airy space for you and your family. Make your room garden blend in with the main house by sticking to the same color scheme and incorporating similar materials.


4. Create a Unique Art Wall from Posters and Personal Photos

Nothing can upgrade your home faster than an art wall. The beauty of this DIY idea is that it’s completely customizable and you get to decide how much you want to spend. If you’re on a tight budget, you can buy frames from thrift stores and use pictures from magazines or photos printed at home. To make everything come together beautifully, pick a common theme. This can be the shape or size of the frames, the colors or the subject in the photos.


Art wall does not involve hanging just framed pictures in your room. You can play around with various decorations such as mirrors, wall sculptures, postcards, maps, and even unordinary objects such as hand-painted plates.


5. Spice Up Your Stairway by Adding Textures

There are many ways to make your stairway more attractive. While is serves a very practical purpose, it’s not always a sight for sore eyes. If the stairway in your home is visible to anyone who steps through the door, it’s worth it to invest time and money to upgrade it. The simplest way to spice it up is to add a stair runner. This can easily be installed by anyone and customizing it is simple. A stair runner will adapt to any style, be it rustic, contemporary or modern.


Stair brackets are another way to spruce up the stairway. These are also easy to install and they come in a wide array of shape, sizes, and colors. They can be subtle or daring, as you prefer. If you don’t want to damage the stairway by using nails to set up the brackets, you’ll be glad to know they can also be fixed with adhesive in a matter of minutes.


6. Replace Doors with Updated Stained Doors

Interior doors play a huge role in the atmosphere and style of a home. Shabby, creaky doors with paint peeling off are very unappealing. To polish off the look of your entire home, upgrade or replace all of your interior doors. If you want to create brighter rooms and give the illusion of bigger spaces, opt for stained doors. These are incredibly beautiful and will immediately change the aspect of your home.

Wood doors with intricate inlays

Stained Doors

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There are a slew of designs, patterns, and colors to choose from so you will definitely find the right style for your home. Stained doors are the surest way to make your home stand out from the crowd. You can create custom-made, unique stained doors that will fit your décor and preferences or buy them ready-made. Either way, make sure to choose bright colors that look stunning when the sun light illuminates them. Blues, golds, and yellows won’t fail to make your home feel more welcoming.