Up, Up & Away – Gender Neutral Nursery


Up, Up & Away – Gender Neutral Nursery

We didn’t know the sex of the baby so the design had to be gender neutral. Yellow and green are obvious choices, so I added a bit of the unexpected.  I wrapped the yellow up onto the ceiling, framed the “sky” with crown moulding to create a skylight effect and strung miniature hot air balloons from it.




Black Cat Interiors Gender Neutral Nursery

Up, Up & Away – BEFORE

BEFORE shot of the same wall

Everyone seems to love the hand painted sky and clouds on the ceiling.  They are easy to do – first paint the area sky blue.  Once that’s dry,  dab with white paint to make the clouds.  I used a paint brush, but a sponge also works.


Close Up of Hot Air Balloon & Hand Painted Sky

Since my client loves all things Disney, I blew up and framed 2 excerpts from a book featuring Disney characters on a hot air balloon adventure  over the crib (the actual book awaits reading on a side table), and framed 2 Disney prints on the side wall.

Up, Up & Away – Wall Art

Framed Disney Prints

I grabbed this side table at Goodwill for $4.99.  It was stained and wobbly originally, so I stabilized the leg with a new screw, sanded all of the previous stain off and refinished it in a blue-tinted off-white.  I added a blue cushion to the rocking chair, a present from the client’s grandmother:

Up, Up & Away – Rocker

Side Table & Rocker

Here is the overall concept for the room  – you can see here how well all of the elements work together:

Up, Up & Away Nursery

Up, Up & Away Nursery

A few additional touches complete the room.

Up, Up & Away – Dresser Decor

Final Touches


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