An Interior Designer’s Dream


An Interior Designer’s Dream

If you were to ask me to describe my dream basement, I would tell you that it should feel warm and welcoming, have a dramatic focal wall with “wow” factor, be rich in texture and visual interest, provide plenty of comfortable seating, and – from a purely functional standpoint – include tons of shelving for display of décor, and storage of toys and my husband’s ever-growing board game collection.

“Wow, that’s a lot!” You’d say, then, “How could one room possibly achieve so much?”

Cue the dreamy music…

Dream basement: a contemporary living room in neutral tones with u-shaped sectional, stone wall, plush rock, cocktail ottoman

Source: Arhaus

I would show you this…my dream basement.

I love everything about this, and let me tell you why.

Plenty of comfortable seating? Check. I love the contemporary lines of this sectional and how its u-shaped configuration provides ample room for lounging comfortably.

Dramatic focal wall? Check. The stone wall is to die for, creating a spectacular backdrop while also bringing texture and richness into the space.

Warm and welcoming? Absolutely. The color palette is expertly done here. Though neutral, it’s far from bland because of the varied tones and textures included throughout the space. From the plush rug, to the velvet pillows, the layered textures work together to create an inviting atmosphere.

My favorite element in this design however, is how “functional” is also beautiful. The configurable bookshelves lining the back wall are the hero of this space, doing the heavy lifting by bringing warmth through its wood tones, displaying décor that ties the room together, and providing storage and organization of all of the other items in a basement that need a home.

In a word, “dreamy.” Someday, I hope to make it a reality.

Want more info on this space? See these products and more at Arhaus.

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