The Art of Making Your Home Look Luxurious – Guest Post by Tracey Clayton

Transitional living room with ivory sofa, green pillows, 2 chairs and beige curtains

Transforming your home into something more elegant and chic seems like a lot of work at first, which is why most people just abandon this idea before even exploring it. However, you don’t have to do much in order to make your living space more luxurious since just a few simple alterations will do the trick. Of course, you have to consider a number of things – such as new furniture, new appliances and new decorations – that will raise the level of your home’s classiness to a whole new level. Therefore, here are a couple of ideas for you to think over and ways to make your home look luxurious.

Collage of images showing different living room styles
Luxurious living rooms

Luxurious living room

Whether you’re entertaining guests or not, your living room is the focal point of the entire home and it has to be absolutely perfect! This doesn’t mean you have to change your furniture or repaint the walls every single year, but a certain level of elegance has to be present. First of all, your living room should be spotless as dirt is the biggest enemy of luxury. Cleaning it doesn’t have to take long and, if you’re organized, it can be done in just a few minutes. Moreover, your living room has to be equipped with luxurious furniture – high-end sofas, armchairs, tabourets, coffee tables and bookshelves should be your top picks. Finally, don’t forget about stylish lamps, rugs and curtains that initially might not seem like a lot, yet will surely give your living room a new dose of elegance.

Contemporary kitchen with herringbone backsplash, white counters and stools, and unique ring shaped pendant lights
Luxurious kitchens

Luxurious kitchen

This is another area you probably spend a considerable time in and a space that’s easy to renovate. Again, you don’t have to do much in order to achieve a certain look – moreover, less is definitely more in the kitchen because clutter is quite the opposite of luxury. So, start with a stylish countertop and continue by adding a matching kitchen island and cabinets. That way, you’ll have enough space for cooking, as well as plenty of storage space for all your spices and cutlery. So, keep useful kitchen appliances in mind and don’t rush the decision, but purchase only the best cooktops, fridges, ovens, dishwashers and other pieces. High-quality pieces that are practical and durable – like the ones found in reliable stores – are the best choices you can find.

A collage of 4 different bedroom designs
Luxurious bedrooms

Luxurious bedroom

This is the most private area of your home, which means you can decorate it in accordance with your taste only – pick the bedding, pillows, beds, curtains and lamps you like and combine it in a way that’s comfortable and cozy for you. However, if you’re aiming towards a luxurious look, don’t omit a plush headboard, subtle lighting and a fancy mattress. In the end, you can frame some of your favorite photos and hang them on the wall – that way, you’ll make the sleeping area even more personal and luxurious at the same time!

An example of modern console table styling with a walnut console table styled with a large modern abstract art piece over it, and a vase and plant set on top of it.
Luxurious lobby

Luxurious lobby

If you want to impress your guests, focusing on the lobby is the way to go as turning it into something fantastic is rather easy and affordable. This space is usually quite limited, so just a few simple things will suffice – a huge floor-to-ceiling mirror, an entryway table equipped with a posh lamp and a bowl of potpourri you can make on your own, as well as an art piece on the opposite wall. And if you really want to go all in, add a decorative chair or a sofa in the lobby and thus welcome your guests in the finest way imaginable.

Luxurious and affordable

Remember – just because these ideas will make your home more luxurious than before doesn’t mean they have to be expensive. You can achieve a stylish and hotel-like appearance you’ve always yearned for on a budget as well, but you’ll need to decide which areas you wish to focus on and how to make them look their best.