Design Trends 2017: Incorporate Pantone Color of the Year into Your Home


Design Trends 2017: Incorporate Pantone Color of the Year into Your Home

At the beginning of each year we are waiting impatiently for the world’s leading authority of colors to make the decision about
how we decorate our houses and choose our outfits. This year’s choice took us by surprise, since it is so drastically different from last year’s twin colors Rose Quartz and Serenity. Unlike the soothing romantic shades of 2016, this year is marked by vibrant zesty shade of green – Greenery. Pantone’s choice symbolizes the return to nature, optimism, spring and renewal, all of which make it a perfect shade to introduce into your home. If you are wondering how, here are a few ideas.

A Coat of Green

The first thing that pops to mind when you want to incorporate a certain color into your home is painting the walls. Since it is a very bright color, you should probably be moderate with it. You can paint all four walls of a room in this shade, but then you should make sure you use neutral furnishing and accessories. A much safer bet is creating an accent wall or accentuating a certain architectural feature (e.g. wall moldings). You can add a pop of color to your bedroom, by painting the wall behind your bed or update your bathroom by introducing green backsplash.

Combining Greenery with Other Colors

Before you even start thinking about decorating with Greenery, you should build potential color palettes to figure out which colors would “get along” with such a vibrant shade. Luckily, Pantone’s think tank did most of the job for you and suggested colors that go well with their chosen shade for this year. According to them, Greenery fits well with pastels (including Rose Quartz and Serenity), neutrals, earthy tones, deep and bright shades. Just remember that you should balance the shades and not use Greenery and brights in the same proportions, to avoid creating an overwhelming effect.

Draw Attention

The simplest (and most affordable) way to introduce Greenery into your home is with certain accent pieces. That can be a bright green chair in your home office, a wardrobe in your bedroom or a mirror frame in your bathroom. Including a single statement piece is a trick often used by designers when they’re styling properties for sale – it can add a dose of trendiness to any space without being too pretentious. You don’t even have to buy new pieces, just take a bucket of paint and add a fresh coat to some old furniture.

Fabrics, Patterns and Details

Another simple way to add a touch of spring to your décor is by adding various fabrics and accessory items. Decorative throw pillows will make a true splash of color, a green throw blanket will keep you warm on chilly nights and a patterned ottoman will break down the monotony of a neutral room.

Nature’s Neutral

Professionals from Pantone called Greenery “nature’s neutral” and they were right. Green belongs to nature, just as much as light belongs to sun. The most obvious way to introduce this year’s Pantone’s favorite is to combine it with natural materials, such as bamboo, wood and stone. Also, go down the easy road and literally introduce Greenery into your home with some indoor plants. Other than potted plants, you can also add vases with bright green leaves (e.g. ferns) to your decor.

Greenery is the color that has the power to replenish you with optimism and reconnect you with nature, which is one of the most obvious aspirations of interior design today. It is the perfect refreshment for every home, and the best thing about it is that it is pretty simple to introduce to any design.

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