Exterior Consultation Services – Know Before You Paint

Exterior Consultation

Black Cat Interiors offers a range of exterior consultation services, from Moodboards that provide guidance for simple cosmetic updates, to Full Exterior Consultations that use a photo of your actual home to show new looks and color palettes. Paint color names and codes will be provided with the mockups, and upon completion, links to any new items included in the design (i.e. lighting, fixtures, veneer, doors, etc.) will also be provided.

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How Does it Work?

The process is simple:

      1. Step 1 – Information: You’ll fill out a short questionnaire where you’ll upload a photo of your home, provide a brief description of your project goals, and answer questions that will help pinpoint your color preferences. 
      2. Step 2 – Recommendations:  Black Cat Interiors will review your information and provide recommendations within 5 business days 
      3. Step 3 – Finalize:  We’ll work together to finalize the color palette and selections.
      4. Step 4 – Implement:  Now confident about your choices, you’ll work with your local contractor to implement your fabulous design.

Why Choose an Exterior Consult with Black Cat Interiors?

  • Online color tools are great but don’t always show the level of detail needed to make such a big decision
  • A Full Exterior Consultation with Black Cat Interiors goes well beyond colors to show:
      • Front door styles, wood stains or paint colors
      • Siding options — see your house in Board and Batten, Shake Shingles, Cedar Planks, etc.
      • Window options, e.g. change from white windows to black for a modern update
      • Garage door styles, wood stains or paint colors
      • Lighting options — see how the perfect outdoor sconce can change the look of your home
      • Veneer options — rustic split stone waterline, or classic brick?  See them both!
      • Shutter options — paint your shutters, replace them, or remove them altogether!

Exterior Consult Services:

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Moodboards provide creative guidance for exterior cosmetic updates showing all of the colors, textures and fixtures together on a cohesive design moodboard.  


Exterior House Paint Palette
Exterior House Paint Palette Moodboard

Paint-only Mockups show your house in 4 different paint color palettes.  This service shows paint colors for siding, trim and doors but doesn’t show any other exterior variations (i.e. different types of siding, different door styles, lighting or shutter options, etc.)


One Fulll Exterior Mockup: this service can be used if you already know what colors and options you’d like for your home and would like to see them mocked up together using a photo of your home (or if you only need one color palette recommendation).  The palette will include paint color names and codes that you can take to any home store, and upon completion, links to any new items included in the design (i.e. lighting, fixtures, veneer, doors, etc.).  


Four Full Exterior Mockups:  Picking paint colors for the exterior of your home can be a big, scary decision but you can take the uncertainty out of the process with this service. You’ll receive 4 different mockups of *one view* of your home showing different paint color palettes and options (e.g. siding, lighting, garage doors, shutters, front doors, etc.), so that you can see your home however you can imagine it, then make an informed decision.


Brick House Consultation
Brick house Consultation

2D House Plan Mockups – $500

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See your 2D house plans come to life! This service will show 4 variations of your home based on the 2D plans

2D House Plan Mockup