Freshen Your Home with Scandinavian Style – Guest Post by Tracey Clayton

When it comes to style and decorating your interior, Scandinavian people are at the very top of the list. They are known for utilizing minimalism and making the most out of it. Their style is classy, stylish and amazing, yet they’re satisfied with the minimum. For them, less is more. Care to apply this when redecorating? Here are a few tips to help you freshen up your home by adding a touch of gorgeous Scandinavian style to your interior.

White is alright

The first thing that you should do is paint all the walls in white. It is the most neutral color, yet the one that sets the mood. When the walls are white, everything else can pop up and get emphasized; the table, the chairs, your plasma TV, art on the wall, your new rug, accessories, everything will become more visible. Also, you can go for a white furniture or even better, make it black to create a complete contrast. Set the tone within your home and enjoy the serenity. If you’re not too fond of white, consider beige or some lighter versions of it, as well as light blue and soft gray.

Scandinavian Style 1

Invest in minimalism

Nordic people are known for being notoriously minimalistic, in a good way of course. Scandinavian design is just the same, minimalistic and efficient. The point of minimalistic approach is to make less become more. This is achieved through space organization. Basically, you fit everything you need inside the room (just the basics) and you have so much empty space left to work with. You arrange your furniture in a way to create additional empty space. You get a spacious crib filled with everything you need, and get more for less.

Scandinavian Style 2

Hardwood floor

Now one thing I know about Scandinavian design – they love their floors strong and cold-resistant, which is the reason why they use hardwood flooring. Scandinavia is known for its extreme cold weather, which is why every house should be well isolated. If you are living in an equatorial country or somewhere where the Sun blazes 24/7, you don’t really have to go for hardwood, unless you really want to. But then again, it is a part of the Scandinavian interior. A good replacement would be the tiles, which are equally beautiful and appealing to the eye. Choose between hardwood for more customization options and tiles for more stylish approach.

Scandinavian Style 3

Get a new rug

Now rugs are a part of Scandinavian tradition since the dawn of the Vikings. At first they were used to prevent cold, but nowadays they have multipurpose. Rugs are a great addition to a whitish home, where each and every thing fits perfectly. There are plenty of choices and you can get cheap rugs online, or visit your local store. When choosing a rug, get something that’s harsh and rough, yet soft and gentle at the same time. You thought finding a perfect rug was easy? Think again.

Scandinavian Style 4

Lots of accessories

No matter how many accessories you have, the pattern is simple: keep the colors to a minimum. That’s it, nothing more. This is why they opt for monochrome and choose their accessories carefully. It is modern, stylish and fits anywhere, just like the entire concept of the Scandinavian style. But remember not to throw in tons of accessories; choose a small number of them and place them somewhere where they will gain the “more for less” effect. A piece of art is enough to cover the wall, a simple lamp or a vase colored in gray could add that warm attribute to the entire room. Make the most out of everything.

These are the basic rules of Scandinavian style. Apply them in your household and behold the lustful gazes of your friends and neighbors. If you want your house to look Scandinavian, you have to step in their shoes and think like one. Remember, less is more.

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About author:
Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about traveling, fashion, home décor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”