Giving Your Workspace a Makeover – Guest Post by Isaac

Lacking inspiration in your workspace? If your office is in desperate need of a revamp, you don’t need to pay for a renovation – there are much more affordable and easy ways to breathe some life into it.

Modern, Scandinavian workspace with wood and white desk, white Eames chair, white walls, a light, textured rug, and blond wood floors.
Modern Workspace

Change your space

When freshening up your workspace, your first step is typically going to be to clean it – which is great, but consider going even further. A great inexpensive way to update your office is to change the furniture to allow for more space – maybe even remove a few pieces. If your desk is against a wall instead of a window, try moving it to the window to get some natural light, as natural light is known to improve productivity. You’ll be amazed by how much simply moving furniture around can change the impression of a room so quickly. Imagine how much work you would get done if your home office suddenly became your favourite room in the house!

Invest in a new desk

Consider your desk…does it swallow up the room? Does all that desk space actually increase your productivity, or are your useless, messy piles of stuff the only things increasing? Traditionally, desks have been the centrepieces of offices, but with many of us embracing minimalist design, we are slowly seeing a shift away from that set up – and for good reason. Big desks may seem luxurious, but as you come to value your physical and mental space more, they may no longer be the best option. A lot of desk space allows for a lot of clutter.  When your workspace is cluttered, your mind is cluttered too, while it’s much easier to be productive in a clean workplace.  So why not try a minimalist approach by choosing a desk that’s not as bulky?

Use Colour

After cleaning your office and updating your furniture, you may have more space than you used to. You could continue with the minimalist approach, or use the opportunity to add some colour into your workspace. Maybe a small coffee table with a brightly coloured couch or chairs, or maybe something smaller like a lamp or a piece of art? Colour can add life back into rooms that badly need it, can be used to transform the space, and even become the centrepiece of your office, an easy icebreaker when meeting new clients.

Use Natural Light

Finally, if you generally keep the blinds or curtains of your office closed for privacy or security reasons, you could be doing more harm than good. Sunlight naturally boots your Vitamin D and Serotonin levels, making you happier, healthier and more productive – which is exactly how you want to feel when you’re working. So, throw open those curtains – or, if your blinds block too much sun, consider upgrading them to be more sun-friendly. Also, relying on natural light instead of artificial electrical light for hours every day can help the fight against global warming. Your body and work will thank you!

Making drastic changes to a room is usually perceived as both expensive and difficult but it doesn’t have to be. Something as simple as throwing open your curtains can make a huge difference to the feel of a room.  The process of cleaning and clearing out things that you don’t actually need can be a therapeutic experience, and adding that pop of colour could be what your office needs to stand out with your clients. With these small changes, you can make your workspace truly a place of inspiration.