Let’s Grow Together: Nursery Decorating 101


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Nursery decorating is an inevitable part of life for every expecting mom. Nevertheless, not all women are born with a knack for interior design, which is why a mom-to-be should make most of the time before the baby arrives to figure out which elements, colors and patterns to include in the nursery to achieve a comfy, nurturing and baby-safe environment. Although the nursery décor will largely depend on your individual preferences, there are some tried-and-tested tips which you can resort to when short on inspiration and know-how. Let’s take a quick look at nursery decorating basics.

The safe side of shades: Neutrals work best for all scenarios

In case you do not know whether your baby will be a girl or boy, neutral tones are definitely the best option. White, beige and cream walls and furnishings will work equally well with both genders, and such a backdrop will also allow you to add gender-specific accents once the baby arrives. In addition to their gender-neutral properties, neutral shades will render a clean yet cozy feel to any area and their classic appeal will never go out of fashion, unlike short-lived décor fads.


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Focal point: Nursery feature walls

Another must-have for a lovely nursery, a bold feature wall will add visual interest to the room and provide an engaging environment for the baby. You can use wallpapers with animal or plant shapes in contrast tones to achieve a stimulating effect, or you can resort to removable wall stickers and eco-friendly decals available in most online stores if you want to preserve decorative flexibility and change the setting as your baby grows.


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Scale to size: The benefits of adaptable furnishings

Most nursery furnishings come with a rather prohibitive price tag, so you should plan your purchases carefully unless you want to go broke as your growing baby’s needs change. Adaptable furniture is both a functional and cost-effective option for future moms: for instance, shelving with a removable changing platform or a sturdy chest of drawers can double as a changing station if you add a soft mat to the top. Similarly, a two-in-one cot bed will provide a good sleeping area until the little one grows into an adult bed.


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Snug and sunny: Window dressings for a good night’s sleep

Babies have an ugly habit of waking up in the middle of the night at the slightest sign of light, so you should adorn the nursery windows with blackout blinds or lined curtains if you want both your offspring and you to get a decent shuteye. When choosing the tone of the blinds and window dressings, consider the overall color scheme in the room: if the rest of the nursery is plain, a splash of bright hues in the window area may create a cool, eclectic effect.


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Accessorize for coziness: Throws, cushions and all that plush

Nothing adds coziness to a room like a stack of warm blankets, throws and cushions. Cushion covers and quilts are a simple and cost-efficient DIY knitwork project, and they also allow a future mom to be creative and add personality to the nursery. All you need to make a pillow cover or custom throw is a pair of knitting needles, some crochet patterns, a few yarn balls, and a few hours of your time. The DIY project will prove time well-spent: nursery accessories you make yourself are the ones your kid will love most as they grow up.


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When it comes to nursery design, a future mom’s options spring endless: you can create literally any look with the right choice of colors, furnishings and accessories, but if you do not want to experiment, stick to the baby room basics we listed above. After all, the classic appeal never fades – and it will also allow you to customize the décor as your toddler begins to develop color and pattern preferences of their own.


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