Modern Massage Space Concept Board


Modern Massage Space Concept Board

My client on this project is a chiropractor expanding the massage space of his business into another area within the same building.  He’s not super pleased with the interior design of his current space, so he came to me wanting something different, and specified that there’s no need to tie the look of the new space to the look of the existing space.  Great.

My immediate thoughts were of grand spas with fantastic light fixtures and tile that glimmers like water – the lush, oasis where I always imagine myself getting a massage.  But then I remembered that it’s an 11’x20′ foot chiropractor’s office, and the client’s very specific direction that it should be simple, clean, modern and “bare bones”.   So I tamped down my love for all things shiny, and focused on function and the client’s requests, and here’s what I came up with as a concept:


modern massage space

Modern Massage Room Concept Board

Functional, clean and modern – per the client’s request – but with a little bit of elegance and Zen.  Perfect for a chiropractor’s office.  Next up…the 3D model.