Online Interior Design Works


Online Interior Design Works


In a previous post, I mentioned an online interior design project for a kid-friendly basement family room.  You can read more on online interior design here, so I won’t go into detail but a high level, the process is this:

  1. Step 1:  You send me photos, dimensions and a description of your style
  2. Step 2:  I send you a concept board identifying the overall style and color palette
  3. Step 3:  I send photo quality 3D renderings of the space showing exactly how it’ll appear once complete
  4. Step 4:  I provide a source list of all items and where to buy them (tailored to your style and budget)
  5. Step 5:  You “do it yourself” as your time and budget allow

And now, using the kid-friendly basement family room project from start to finish, we can see that the process works:

  1. Step 1:  See before photos and inspiration photos that were sent here
  2. Step 2:  I sent them this concept board
  3.  Step 3:  I sent them photo renders:
    render13_photocollagerender12_treadmill render14_chalkboard  render11_tvwall
  4. Step 4:  I sent them this Pinterest board, identifying all items and where to find them
  5. Step 5:  They implemented the design

And now…for those that may have doubted the process, here are photos of the room :-):

photocollage entertnmtctr cubbymirror crafttable coucarea


The results are in, Online Interior Design works!