Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree


Brighten up your home with a 70″ artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig tree! This 70″ is fully customizable to get the fullness and shape that you desire to fit any space in your home.



6 Foot Faux Small Potted Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig tree

Liven up your home with a lifelike fiddle leaf fig tree. Set it and forget it! Enjoy your faux greenery year-round no sunlight or watering required.

Faux plants add life to your home without any of the maintenance!

You may enhance the look of your Fiddle Leaf Fig tree by adding a decorative planter, and covering the black planter with decorative faux moss, stones, or anything else that fits your look. You may also adjust the leaves and branches for desired look and fullness.

Enjoy the new greenery in your space!


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