Neutral Glam Formal Living Room


Neutral Glam Formal Living Room

Due to having a red car, a red work-truck and a long red winter coat, many people ask me if red is my favorite color.  It isn’t.  The vehicles are red because of availability and necessity (i.e. if I could’ve found the truck I needed at the price I wanted in PURPLE, I would’ve bought it in a heartbeat).  I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I don’t like red, it’s just not one of my favorite colors and I actually struggled with choosing it as the accent in the Neutral Glam design.  But now I love how it turned out.  Let’s take a look at a few before and afters:

Here is a “before” view of the room through the main French doors:


As a reminder, here is the rendered design from the same view:livingroom_render_v3

And here is the “after”:


I changed the buttery yellow wall color to a more sophisticated taupe, accented the fireplace inset with metallic paint and added a water feature (per the client’s request) as a focal point.

It’s not obvious from the “before” photo but I also added the chandelier, which is a big part of the “glam” in the design:


Here’s another “before” photo looking across the room towards the second set of French doors that lead into the office.  Note the artwork sitting on the floor against the wall:


And here is the same corner “after”:

nglam_after_rtdoorRemember the art work in the “before” photo?  I re-purposed it by painting the green matte a soft cream, and the gold frame metallic black.  Small change, big difference:


I did the same to their other existing piece (the matte was formerly sky blue; frame was also gold) to tie them together and to the room:


Here’s a “before” shot looking from the office across the room (if you look carefully, you’ll see my daughter playing on the floor behind the coffee table :-)):


And here it is “after”:


You’ve probably noticed that I added privacy window film to the main French doors – this was also per the client’s request:

DSC01135It was inexpensive, easy to install and adds a nice touch.

For a bit more glam, I swapped their coffee table for a sleek, glass mirrored piece.  I LOVE the black glass top:


I also love the mirrored side tables – glam, glam, glam:


I maintain that red isn’t one of my favorite colors, but I’ll admit that it’s stunning in this room: