Past projects speak for themselves.  See 5 star ratings and full list of reviews on Etsy.

I loved the service provided. She asked me questions about things I liked and I shared with her things that I had already made decisions on and…WOW. I took my Moodboard to Home Depot and to Lowes and to the paint store and to Home Goods and TJMax etc…need I say more? I use it online and easily found the items I wanted from her suggestions. I love my kitchen ideas so much…I’ve purchased one for my living room and dining room. Can’t wait to see them. Best money I’ve ever spent on decorating! Don’t wait…don’t guess….get it right the first time…..see 5 star rating and full review on Etsy.

Excellent communication and beautiful design! Thanks so much for the inspiration!…..see 5 star rating and full review on Etsy.

Wonderful!!! Not only did I love the design, but she was so easy to work with! She helped us get exactly what we wanted, and faster than I could have hoped!…see 5 star rating and full review on Etsy.

I am so happy with the room. We used my furniture and artwork but all placed differently. She updated the adjoining dining room with a new table and chairs and gave us more storage. The paint color she suggested is perfect…see 5 star rating and full review on Houzz.

These renders look great!  It’s awesome to see it all pulled together. Thanks for getting this done so promptly, it really helps us get a jump start on everything!

Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!!!

Love it!  Such a change and so pretty!  Love my house!