Giving Your Workspace a Makeover – Guest Post by Isaac

Modern, Scandinavian workspace with wood and white desk, white Eames chair and whitewashed wood floors.

Lacking inspiration in your workspace? If your office is in desperate need of a revamp, you don’t need to pay for a renovation – there are much more affordable and easy ways to breathe some life into it. Change your space When freshening up your workspace, your first step is typically going to be to … Read more

Using Wallpaper to Create a “Wow Factor” Room – Guest Post by Christine De Grande

Black and White Geometric Wallpaper

We’ve all been there before: walking through a house or apartment, you enter a room and are unexpectedly taken aback by the style. “Wow!” you think, “how did they do this?” And then, you think: “how could I pull off something equally spectacular?” That’s what this post is about: creating rooms with “wow” factors that … Read more