How to Set Up the Perfect Home Office Space

By Suzie Wilson

Running a business from home gives you the best of both worlds. You have the flexibility and control of being an entrepreneur – but you get to do it in your pajamas. With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way most Americans work, many of us have had to set up temporary home offices to carry on operations. However, entrepreneurs are realizing that the work from home model is perfect for setting up a small business, especially when you need the support of your home life and family behind you.

Are you interested in joining thousands of other go-getters in their home business dreams? Black Cat Interiors walks you through the main options to consider.

New Space

If you’ve been looking to move to a newer, bigger home, now is your chance. Your small business taking off is an opportunity to upgrade both your home life and your work life. The defining factor in choosing your new home should be location. Consider your neighborhood and nearby resources such as supply stores or entrepreneur meetups to boost your business. You may also want to check out the zoning of the new area, as not all kinds of businesses are allowed to operate out of a residential neighborhood.

And when it comes to the office space itself? Look for a spacious room that can comfortably hold all your supplies and belongings, with enough room for growth down the line. Growth could mean space to house employees or room to store additional products and items. Since you have the chance to set up shop afresh here, look for a home office that is far away from household clutter and noise so that you’re minimizing distractions and creating a better work/life balance.


If you can’t make the big move quite yet, renovating is an equally viable solution. According to HomeLight, updating your property is the best way to ensure it keeps up with your evolving needs. Many homeowners add a property extension to create a workspace that is completely disconnected from the main house. Break up intrusive walls for a more open-concept office, or add hidden storage solutions to keep your space feeling neat and clutter-free.


If all your current space needs is a refresh, then a design overhaul is the best course of action for you! Switching up the decor of your space is a great way to change the aesthetic while remaining budget-friendly. As productivity is a priority here, the Spruce suggests going in with a quick coat of paint in neutral colors like greys, whites, and blues. Add wood accents for a touch of warmth or metallic accents if you want to convey a luxe appeal to visiting clients. Don’t forget to play around with the layout of the space and different configurations as well. For example, one point to consider could be if you’d prefer your desk placement looking out the window for some natural appeal or if you’d like it to face a wall with sticky notes and lots of pinned-up inspiration. And make sure the space has those creature home office comforts that make your workday much easier, such as an extra charger that stays in the office at all times, an ergonomic desk chair, dual monitors, and so on. If you get stuck on how to proceed with your redesign, contact the professionals at Black Cat Interiors. They can help you create the perfect space for your needs.

In addition to considering your redesigning needs, also consider your basic business needs. For example, new business owners need to set up a Tax ID number, or EIN, for smooth sailing. Your Employer Identification Number allows for easy payroll tax tracking by the IRS as well as business tracking. Having an EIN will make the process smoother and more efficient when it comes time to file your state and federal taxes.

The key to a successful home business is making that vital separation between home life and work life. You need to prioritize efficiency and productivity in an environment that wasn’t set up for work – and design is the best way to do it. So, get out there and get designing for an inspiring, transformative space.