Keep your Outdoor Room Cool this Spring – Guest Post by Serina Perkins

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Are you avoiding spending time in your favorite outdoor settings because of the scorching heat this summer? However, during the dog days of summer, the heat, sun, and humidity can rapidly make being outside unbearable. Decks, patios, and other outdoor areas should be enjoyed all year, but during the summer months, they may soon become intolerable. That said, maintaining pleasant and cool outdoor spaces does not have to be a difficult endeavor; in fact, it may be pretty simple.
Beat the heat and reclaim your favorite outdoor spaces by designing your house such that you mitigate the problems associated with being outside in hot weather.

Beating the Scorching Sun

Shadow may significantly reduce heat, but in order to get the most out of shade in your outdoor space, you must first analyze solar patterns to determine where the hottest spots are located. Following that, you can deliberately implement shadow characteristics to achieve the greatest possible effect. For example, when umbrellas and awnings are strategically placed to block the midday sun, they provide quick shade and ambiance.
Trees and bushes give a long-term solution that grows and fills in over time – ideal for capturing afternoon sun and providing privacy in the process. Vine-covered trellises provide a seasonal solution that blocks sunlight while also harmonizing with the natural features found outside the home.

Sweltering Heat Presents a Significant Challenge.

Even in the shade, the heat of the sun can be unpleasant. Evaporative coolers, on the other hand, can be used to quickly cool outdoor spaces such as patios, garages, greenhouses, and work areas. When used in conjunction with a portable evaporative cooler such as the Port-A-Cool Cyclone, it is possible to provide a cooling effect of up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit in areas up to 700 square feet.
In order to chill an outdoor space, these gadgets make use of cutting-edge technology, water, and the surrounding air. What’s the best part? They will not saturate you with water like misters or merely blow hot air about like fans.

Getting Suitable Furniture

Even if it’s simply a couple of chairs for relaxing, furniture is an essential component of creating a comfortable and inviting outdoor setting. With summer sun shining down on them, popular wrought-iron and metal furniture may become griddle-hot to the touch. Covering metal furniture with cushions made of a sturdy, breathable material such as cotton can reduce the risk of burns and allow you to make the most of your furniture all year.
For those looking to upgrade their furniture, choose pieces made of different materials such as wicker, light-colored plastic, and wood, which tend to reflect the sun and keep the room feeling cooler to the touch when exposed to direct sunlight.

Avoid Blistering Flooring

Summer weather can raise the temperature of outdoor flooring to dangerously high levels, making it practically difficult to walk barefoot outside. Shade and outdoor rugs in light hues that reflect the sun can help to keep the heat at bay and keep your toes from getting burned. In addition to keeping feet comfortable, pastel-colored rugs also give a splash of color to outdoor spaces decorated in vibrant summer hues, bringing the outside in.

Instead of using multiple smaller rugs throughout the space, choose one huge area rug that will be visible from all directions. As an added bonus, rugs help to collect sand and mud from shoes, reducing the amount of dirt tracked inside the house.

Eliminate Phantom Heat Sources

Consider phantom heat sources if you believe you have done all necessary to reduce heat but your outside spaces remain uncomfortable despite your efforts to reduce heat.
Grilling, for example, is a favorite summertime activity, but grills continue to emit a significant amount of heat even after they have been switched off. Test whether moving the grill away from people’s lounging areas and downwind from where they are positioned can assist lessen the temperature in your region. In addition, any other equipment that generates heat, such as mini fridges in outdoor kitchens, should be energy efficient and placed at a safe distance from where people congregate.

The difficulties of dealing with hot weather can be frustrating. The implementation of a few simple steps today can help lower the temperature in outdoor settings, allowing your family to enjoy time outside even on the warmest days of the year.

Other Ways To Make Outdoor Places Cooler

Pergolas provide much-needed shade for patios. These structures are not only utilitarian, but they may also add to the aesthetics of a room. If you want to have a party at night, you can hang lanterns, beautiful flowers, or potted plants. Pergolas allow you to enjoy summer’s lovely breezes without the accompanying heat. Pergola curtains are a great way to keep pesky insects out of your outdoor space.

Rely on an Awning That Can Be Retracted

A permanent shade solution may not be what you’re looking for. A retractable awning is an excellent choice in these situations. It’s easy to bring these features out when it’s hot outside, and hide them away when you don’t need them.

Invest in an Evaporative Cooler

For many years before central air conditioning became common, people relied on evaporative coolers, often known as “swamp coolers,” to keep their homes cool. A portable evaporative cooler, on the other hand, can help you and your guests stay cool on your patio by circulating cool air over them.
What is the effectiveness of evaporative cooling in the outdoors environment?
Yes, in a nutshell. Cooled air is re-distributed using evaporative coolers, which draw in warm air and chill it. Redistributed air can feel 4 to 6 degrees colder than ambient air temperature when it is used. It may not seem like a big change in temperature, but you can arrange your swamp cooler to direct cool air toward you. If you’re in a hurry and on a tight budget, consider an evaporative cooler as a viable option.

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